we are Guillermo, Michael, Moon, and Shadow

Hey there

We are Guillermo Vela, Michael Garza, and Shadow. lavelaa llc was started by Guillermo Vela on September 23, 2023. 

lavelaa began as a curiosity turned side hustle when Guillermo finally used the candle making supplies that were gifted for Christmas in 2022 and tuned into the sign he perceived in his last name.

Guillermo is a Mexican-American educator from the border town of Mission, Texas. He currently lives with his partner, Michael, and their dog Shadow in Denver, Colorado. 

Growing up and now in the home we rent, candles have always been a part of our vibe. Since adopting Shadow, we have researched heavily on what is safe and not so safe for her. It turns out, many big brand candles rely on paraffin, a derivative of petroleum, to cut costs, which is harmful if burned around pets. 

At lavelaa, we are committed to using quality, natural ingredients in every product we make. We keep it simple, using natural soy wax, fragrance, essential oils, and mica mineral. 

- Guillermo, Michael, and Shadow