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We proudly use clean, vegan soy wax in each of our handmade candles.

Each candle is hand poured in Denver, Colorado using the cleanest fragrances on the market.




At lavelaa, we don't settle for basic.

Each of our scents are thoughtfully blended to create unique, luxurious fragrances.

We are proudly inspired by our Mexican-heritage in every product we create.




Our signature candle design features intricately molded flowers and/or succulents made of scented soy wax.

We lean on the beautiful, bright colors of Mexico and floral imagery of iconic Mexican artists.

Fruta Kahlo

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Natural Ingredients

We strictly use natural soy wax, premium fragrances infused with essential oils, and mica mineral in each handmade scented candle.

Our natural soy wax candles are handmade using the cleanest ingredients available.

We are proudly:




Reproductive Toxin-free

Organ Toxin-free

Acute Toxin-free


Each candle is hand poured using natural soy wax, which is grown in the United States. Soy is our ideal choice for candles as It is paraffin-free, vegan, and safe to burn around pets.

Our handmade soy candles are handmade in Denver, Colorado using the cleanest ingredients.

Because soy wax burns for much longer, our candles have very long burn times!


We invest heavily in testing and research to find the best fragrance oils in the market. Natural soy wax can hold a maximum fragrance load of 10%. Most of our fragrance oils are infused with natural essential oils.

Our fragrances are blended to create a unique, elegant scent. Each of our handmade soy candles emit a radiant fragrance for the home.


Soy wax is naturally opaque. We add a tiny scoop of mica powder to create a beautiful light color. Mica is a naturally occurring mineral that adds a subtle shimmer effect to our candles as they burn.

Each of our handmade soy candles is embedded with intricate flower and succulent designs. We carefully develop color schemes that match our fragrance and jar to create a beautiful, colorful product reminiscent of our Mexican heritage.

Giving Back

After each quarter, we give a portion of our revenue to local organizations that work to create stronger communities.


Our scented candles are 100% paraffin-free. We love our beautiful dog Shadow and refuse to use harmful ingredients at home. Big business (like B&BW) use paraffin in candles to cut costs. We believe in investing in quality ingredients to ensure we are putting the best and safest products out there!

Each of our soy candles are hand poured in Denver, Colorado using clean ingredients.

We are proudly:




Reproductive Toxin-free

Organ Toxin-free

Acute Toxin-free


Subscribe to our monthly candle delivery box. We offer all of our signature scents from the Fall, Dia De Los Muertos, and Nopales collections.

Choose between single or three wick subscriptions. Customize your double candle box by combining your favorite scents like Pumpkin Anís, Nuez, Flan, Coco Santal, or El Nopal.

Save big when you subscribe to any combination of scents that you choose! Don't know what to get? Subscribe to our themed candle of the month box and try something new every time.

Jar Recycling

Follow us on social media: @lavelaa.co to stay updated with upcoming events!

Bring back your empty jars and receive $1 per jar towards your next purchase.

Custom Candle Recycling

Join our Custom Candle Recycling program to reduce waste and enjoy refill discounts.

Choose one of our handpicked, recycled materials vessels and pay a flat vessel fee of $7 for your first recycling order.

Discounts on our natural soy wax, fragrance, essential oils, and mica formula in order to encourage people to participate! We charge $1.35 per ounce of our candle formula.

Choose any of our signature scents for each refill. Fall, Dia De Los Muertos, Nopales, Fruta Kahlo, and Holiday are all included

By recycling candle vessels, we reduce our impact on Earth.